GHL Vortech Pump Controller


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Product Description

Functions overview

Supports all VorTech operational modes

  • Constant speed
  • Lagoon Random Mode
  • Reef-Crest Random Mode
  • Short Pulse Mode
  • Long Pulse Mode
  • Feed Modus
  • Battery Backup-Modus

For EcoSMART-pumps these modes are supported additionally

  • Tidal Swell Mode (EcoSMART TSM)
  • Nutrient Transport Mode (EcoSMART NTM)

Further features

  • 11 independent channels for 11 VorTech pumps.
  • Besides the VorTech modes you can also use all built-in wave functions of the ProfiLux.
  • Firmware of pumps and VorTech-Controller can be updated for future enhancements.
  • The VorTech-Controller will be recognized automatically and can be configured easily.
  • Pump assignments can be changed.
  • The operational mode can be varied through the day, define up to 12 time intervals where different settings are active.
  • 2 PAB-ports are present for a flexible bus wiring.
  • 4 LEDs for indication of PAB-state and pump-state.
  • No extra power supply needed (Bus-powered).
  • New functions in firmware 1.03:
    Define special settings which are activated when extra functions of the ProfiLux are in progress, like maintenance, automatic waterchange, thunderstorm or feed pause.